HongYi Meridian Exercise Location

HongYi Meridian Exercise locatian (updated):

Free Teaching...Welcome to join us......

Time   : 9.00am-9.30am....
Venue : As listed below

HongYi Meridian Flapper 

Price: $ 18 per stick

~ 星期一 至 星期五, 9am-9.30am  或 星期六 至 日  9.00am-9.30am

预知更多详情,请拨电 62840897 查询。。。。

Meridian Exercise on HongYi Meridian Family Day 。。。11/09/2011...

Presentation on 20/05/2012 during Wesak Day Celebration Fair 2012 at Eunos MRT station

2012 宏茂桥经络讲座

More photo and detail...you can get from our facebook: hongyitcmhealthcare@gmail.com


Please call 6284 0897 for registered or inquiry.

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