Meridian Hand Treatment

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine andMeridian theories, 6 of our fingers represent ‘yin’ or ‘cold’ Meridians, whilethe other 6 represent the ‘yang’ or ‘hot’ Meridians. A Chinese saying dictatesthat as we exercise our hands, so does the capacity of our hearts increase.

经络内属于脏腑,外络于肢节。阴阳交替生动气,动气者十二经之根本。手指贯穿阴阳六条经络,正是阴阳交 替的地方。俗语说:十指连心,所以常做手部锻炼可以加强心脏的搏动能力,促进全身的气血循环,尤其对于头部的血液循环有非常好的辅助效果。

This treatment thus utilizes herbal formulasand scientific methods of Meridian to improve holistic well-being and restorebalance one’s internal organs. It increases and enhances our heart’scapacities, promotes blood and ‘qi’ flow, especially around the head/neck area.The Meridian Hand Treatment will correct insomnia, headaches and giddinessamong other head-related illnesses.

运用中医经络原理,以及高科技的中药提取技术,配合独特的中药配方和科学合理的经络手法对手部穴位和头部穴位进行疏通从而达到诊断人体潜 在问题。洪光经络手疗可以改善失眠、多梦、头痛、头晕等亚健康状态,并平衡人体阴阳,促进脏腑器官之间的相互协调,让人体处与平和状态。