Meridian Stomach/Abdominal Treatment

The Meridian Abdominal Treatment is based on the millennia old intricate Meridian bio-energy system. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the abdominal area is the meeting place of 6 ‘yin’ or ‘cold’ Meridian. The accumulation of ‘yin’ or‘coldness’ retains waste, fats and residual stools that contribute to the increment of toxins in one’s body. Additionally, increment in the abdominal fat content blocks the physical flow of blood that results in abdominal bloating that will lead to other diseases. Thus the Meridian Abdominal Treatment that pin points Meridian points will improve digestion and metabolism.  With further supplementing of correct diet,obesity, endocrine function and bowel movements can also be regulated. 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the abdomenis viewed as a microcosm of the body’s system with corresponding features. Assuch, an unhealthy abdomen is indicative of unhealthy corresponding parts ofthe body, and is thus the “Achilles Heel” of the body. Seen as the ‘root’ ofthe body’s problems, the Meridian Abdominal Treatment can thus improvedigestion, metabolism and bowel movements. It also helps in the relief ofstress and fatigue, while inducing slimming effects and reducing hypertension.

经络腹部保养法,根据人体经络基础创造的一套健康减腹养生方法。 根据中医寒属阴,寒则凝的理论,由于腹部是六条阴经交汇的地方,因此腹部正是寒凝积聚的重要地方。腹部的寒凉容易引起腹部的废物堆积,脂肪聚集,或导 致宿便的残留,令身体毒素增加,影响健康。 此外,脂肪积聚于腹部又严重影响经脉的正常运行,造成经脉经血不通,腹部越积越大,久积成病。 腹部经络穴位的按摩,能促进消化吸收功能和活化功能,再经过饮食的方法来调节,对肥胖、内分泌失调、胃功能差及大便异常有良好的改善效果。 腹部是人体的缩影,从反射区看腹部,可以借腹部的不同位置触诊身体的不同部位。而其中腹部根结点即是死穴--万病之源.能加强大肠消化及吸收能力,强化排泄功能 舒缓压力,解除疲劳 塑身 改善三高症(高血压、高血脂、高胆固醇)